Here at Driveroom we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to provide the services you have requested from us. If you have a request or question about your personal information, please contact us at

What information is being collected and why?
- Email address: to send login password and timing results, to be able to search on your account and assign it to a kart for next session
- Name (optional, can be nickname): to display your name on timing results
- Picture (optional, can be a default helmet): to display it on timing results
- Date of Birth (optional): to send birthday promotions
- Your IP address: for security reasons
The information above will be deleted upon your request. Some information above will be shared with Tracks using our system to be able to search on your account while assigning your account to a kart for next session, or to display/print timing results.

Your rights about your personal information: you have right to delete or modify or access your personal information. You have to request delete account from us in email.

Timing results information: except the personal information above, the timing results (for example lap times, positions) are not considered as personal information. If you request account delete from us, we will de-personalize these results by changing your name to 'unknown' on a results sheet, but we will not delete your lap times and your position.